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Dedicated To Making State of the Art Firearm Safety and Game Recovery Products

• The first and only way to safely and effectively hoist, lift, and lower a rifle into an elevated stand

• Maximizes safety when transporting a loaded gun through the woods

• Easily adjusts with the push of a button and includes audible safety click when switching from lock to release

• Rubber coating eliminates noise and remains locked during a ground stalk

• Quickly and quietly transforms from shoulder to shooting with the push of a button without scaring game or getting caught on branches and gear

• Rapidly adjust with only one hand

• Unique design will not catch in pump shotguns

• Tightly-reeled strap makes it unnecessary for duck hunters and wing shooters to remove sling and greatly reduces the risk of sling catching on duck blind, dog gear, etc.

• Easily transfers from a full-sized rifle to a small caliber rifle in seconds, attaching like a traditional sling

• A muzzleloader can be easily and correctly stored, barrel down, by clipping onto the hoist ring

• Safely and comfortably fits varying heights and sizes, preventing accidents caused by an un-customized fit

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IHEA Field Test Report

For IHEA instructor/student discount call 479-957-5203

Bumper Barrel

• Prevents mud and foreign objects from packing into barrel

• Keeps moisture from fouling gun powder or pyrodex pellets

• Indicates a loaded weapon when placed on the end of a muzzleloader

• Uniquely designed so that iron sights are not affected

• Glows in the dark when light activated, serving as a safety beacon and allowing excellent depth perception while hoisting or lowering a rifle from a tree stand

• Large butterfly clip allows for easy removal and installation

Bumper Barrel
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